Friday, October 14, 2016

Notes and Closing Day

Greetings to the gardeners and friends of HACG!

The biggest news I want to share is that we were chosen as one of eight recipients of a 2016 Chiditarod grant! We were gifted $3000 to help improve and expand our public parkway program and meeting space. This will cover additional improvements that should benefit the whole neighborhood. (Check out for more info on this fantastic organization!)

We have also been selected as a beneficiary of a University of Illinois volunteer program, so we will have some extra helping hands on Closing Day. (More info on the GIVE Program:

Closing Day (our last 2016 workday) will be on Saturday, October 29, 2016, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

ALL GARDENERS ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND THIS WORKDAY! Even if you can only stay for a few minutes, come check in with the coordinator to review your plot, share your concerns, and ensure your space for the 2017 season.

It's hard to believe the season is almost over! It's time to put our beautiful garden to bed for the winter. Tasks include weeding (in plots and public areas), mulching, trimming trees, fence repair, tool cleaning, collecting garbage, and clearing/grading the area for the new deck.

I'm trying to arrange a delivery of wood chips to cover paths and the areas around the public beds. 

I will also try to get a few loads of leaf mulch to dig into beds and boxes, so it can rot over the winter into beautiful compost for the spring. We did some research and consulted with a soil scientist who told us that this is BY FAR the best possible way to build up our deplete soil. It will take a few years, but it will be worth it (not to mention a LOT cheaper and more eco-friendly than packaged compost!). 

There will be fencing supplies on hand, if your fence or gate have become damaged or need to be replaced.

We will supply tools, gloves, snacks, water, coffee... and maybe the preliminary plans for our new deck. We will also distribute jars of our beehive's first honey harvest, thanks to beekeeper Mark Brouwer, as well as some potatoes from our community box... and perhaps a few other surprises.

Feel free to bring friends and family members along (kids, too... we'll have some special jobs and treats just for them!).

Some other notes:
  • NeighborSpace will be turning off the water on or around October 23 (to avoid frost damage). 
  • Remember, you MUST have your plot cleared of all weeds, wood, decorations, and other objects before November 15. This includes any walkways or sidewalks that are next to your plot! Failure to clear your space before this date means that the plot will be reassigned. You may continue to grow winter crops (herbs, kale, etc.), but everything else needs to be cleared.
Come join us for our last community garden workday, visit with your neighbors, and celebrate our 2016 season on a beautiful fall morning!

Happy autumn,