Friday, December 5, 2014

Old Garden Rules

We are in the process of updating our garden's rules. For reference, here is a list of the rules as of June, 2014 (please note that the Howard Area Community Center is no longer affiliated with the HACG). Please give your feedback to the Leadership Team by commenting here, sending email to, or calling the garden at 470-228-1725. Thank you for your input!

Howard Area Community Garden
Rules and Guidelines

The following rules and guidelines are meant to keep our community garden a safe, clean, friendly, and healthy environment for all of its members. (Adopted July 2012)

This is an Organic Garden. Only organic fertilizers may be used - only compost, manure, and products that are labeled organic. Non-Organic and other chemical fertilizers are PROHIBITED.

Painted wood and painted posts are not allowed in the garden. Old paint contains lead, which is highly toxic to pregnant women and children. Modern paint is also toxic. Do not contaminate the soil.

Wood chips, dyed mulch, etc. are prohibited. Compostable mulch is permitted.

• May 1-15 of each year (2013) if you intend to return to your plot please notify any community garden leader by phone, email or check the box on the list kept at the Howard Area Community Center. Failure to do so will result in plots assigned to someone on the waiting list.
• June 15, of each year all plots must be fully planted.
• November 15, of each year all plots must be fully cleaned up and left in an orderly fashion.

No pets in the garden or by any entrance. (for the safety of all members and pedestrians)

Every family is allowed only one garden plot.Definition of family is any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts, cousins, and in-laws.

Children must be supervised in the garden. Children are not allowed to run around unsupervised in the garden.

Stealing will not be tolerated. No one is to enter the plot of another gardener or take anything without their permission. Except for garden community-owned tools which should be return after each use in its proper place, in the back of the garden by the compost area.

There is a Zero Tolerance policy in regards to stealing. Any gardener who violates this rule will lose his or her plot. Please report theft or vandalism to the garden community leadership team immediately, Call 911 when appropriate.

Please be courteous and respectful of your fellow gardeners. Any gardener who violates this rule can also lose his or her plot. 911 will be called if appropriate.

All gardeners are responsible for keeping the paths around their plots free of weeds and garbage. Gardeners with plots on the alley and sidewalk are responsible for keeping those perimeters weeded as well.

Water and the hose are provided for watering gardens only. Do not wash cars or  bicycles, play in the water stream, or in any others way waste water. When there are gardeners waiting for the hose, be respectful of those waiting and also wait your turn.

Do not water your neighbors garden when others are waiting to water their own garden.

Alcohol and Drugs are not prohibited in the garden.When entering the garden, leave the lock on the gate in the locked position.Do not put the lock in your pocket.

Do not leave lock in the open position. Tools in the compost area are for use by all gardeners. Return them to the compost area when you are done.If a tool is damaged or broken, alert a community garden team leader.

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