Monday, October 20, 2014

A wet but wonderful workday

A wet and rainy morning greeted gardeners last Saturday, but after an hour the skies mostly cleared and we had five gardeners on hand, plus three volunteers from the waiting list and Guadalupe Garcia from NeighborSpace. Lupe brought plenty of loaner gloves and tools, and we all set to work on the overgrown areas of our garden.

Look how nice the compost area looks now!

 Here's another view.

Jill, Eva, and Fagin fill another garbage can.

This is only HALF of what we hauled out!

The rains brought out tons of mushrooms.

Many thanks to Emily, Katje, Lupe, Eva, Jill, Bill, Ryan, and Fagin for all their hard work. And we also got a visit from BJ, who told us he'd been mowing the devil's strip all summer (thank you, BJ!). There's still a lot left to work on, though, so feel free to drop in and clear a few more weeds from the paths!

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