Monday, April 28, 2014


Gardener CQ is looking to share a load of composted manure with other gardeners.

Please email the garden leadership at and we'll relay the message to him if you are interested.

These are the details he sent:

"Free Stable Horse Compost/Mulch
Fully composted 8-12 months, Nutrient rich humus, turned & watered-will not burn your plants or rob nitrogen from soil.

High quality horse manure compost fully composted & complete with red worms

The compost is free, the delivery charge pays for the truck plates / insurance & fuel.

We will deliver 8 cubic yards for $100-150 depending on location.. $75 if local. (value comparable to $300)

Volume: ( 8 c.yds. = 7' x 16' x 2' ) - ( 2 cubic yards is about 1 ton )

Compost for amending soil / rototilling, great for mulching and/or topdressing,
Similar in texture to triple processed playground mulch,
Totally Organic dark brown, crumbly, composted & turned, 8-12 months aged,
Fully composted with no odor other than a slight smell similar to wet dirt/leaves /mulch which vanishes once exposed to sun/air

Call Casey for deliveries show contact info

Free compost/mulch for your garden.

one cubic yard will cover:
40 square feet about 8 inches thick
80 square feet about 4 inches thick
160 square feet about 2 inches thick

Picture of actual material used as mulch, Similar to triple shredded mulch.
Isuzu Dump Truck for deliveries & load of compost. "

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